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Social Emotional Leftist: If our Love & Light movements do not address systemic injustice, they are neither of those things

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From a NonViolent Communication workshop at YEA Camp

Pierce Delahunt: Social Emotional Leftist, M.Ed.

For those who hunger, give bread
For those with bread, give hunger for justice

Pierce Delahunt holds an M.Ed. from the Institute for Humane Education. Their research was a study of activist-education programs throughout the country.​ They grew up in the occupied Lenape territories of New York and New Jersey.

Extraction vs Relationality: Cross-posted with My Sex Bio

Decriminalization Protects Sex Workers

“I just don’t understand why anyone has to talk about their sex lives at work,” she said. “I don’t talk about my sex life at work.”
- Eric Peterson, Closet with a View

“To say that sex work is ‘just work’ is…


I used to love you

I know that

Between the sudden fall and crash for you
, and the gradual numbing ,

I am not sure which is worse

Pain enjoyed or pain once removed


Telling yourself, I told you so

What if you had died?
Would it be better…

"Voter Apathy"is Victim Blaming for the Real Voter Fraud: Suppression

A Screening of Capturing the Flag: Documentary about Vote Protectors in North Carolina

“If voting could change anything it would be made illegal!”
- Robert S Borden, The Voice of the People, The Sun, 1976


The Fraud of Individualism
Ways the…

TenTree: Most Surreal Places on Earth

“So she went into the garden to cut a cabbage leaf to make an apple pie; and at the same time a great she-bear, coming up the street, pops its head into the shop — What! No soap? So he died and she very imprudently married the barber and there…

Capitalists Embezzle Nature’s Wealth, by a Vegan Socialist


“Every single generation sees the world get a little bit worse, environmentally speaking anyway. And the vast multitudes of life and the amazing images and wonder and amazement that they would provide the travelers of the world have been increasingly lost. No…

Toxic Masculinization, of White Male Rage, & Saneism


My Own Thread

I wrote this thread immediately after seeing the film. I have seen more critiques I appreciate since then. I link to them below.

I initially took the film as a critical narrative on how toxic masculinization, trauma, and relational isolation (inceldom) radicalizes…

Nature is the Art of God: A Half-Paradelle


Why does nature make us believe in God?
Is it the faeries? Or the mob mentality of the individual?
God is the why of nature. The mob, or faeries,
believe in us. Does the individual mentality make it?

Psyche Delicto. Sigh, the Delectable. Scythe, the Derelict

Formulation, for creative mutilation. Micro psyche

in a macro cosmo. Empty space. Evacuumate

Spread out. Expand. Dance, Shiva. Her eyes on:

you now. Uber novae! Burn, ova! In queue, bait

one out of the oven. Roil, toil, boil oil. …

Pierce Delahunt

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